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Interior Design

What It's Like to Work With a Virtual Interior Designer

This spring, COVID-19 completely changed our world. It's affected everything from how we work, to how we grocery shop, and even how we see family and friends. The effects of this pandemic will last for a long time, especially for those who are in the at-risk categories. When otherwise healthy people can start returning to work and shopping as normal, those who are elderly, immunocompromised, or living with the elderly or immunocompromised will still need to take extra precautions when they go out. Thankfully, your interior design dreams don't have to be put on hold while we wait out this pandemic. Work with a virtual interior designer instead!

What is a Virtual Interior Designer?

Just like a "normal" interior designer, a virtual interior designer can offer all the same services, but does them virtually! Instead of meeting in an office to discuss your building or renovation plans, we can meet online! There are many methods of doing this and you can choose what is most comfortable for you. We can have a video call so you can show me your current space, we can have a typical voice phone call, or we can even work via email!

How Do I Meet with a Virtual Interior Designer?

Contact me today to schedule an introductory phone call. From there, we can discuss how you are most comfortable continuing our meetings. With video chat, you can show me your current space so I can get a feel for it in real time. On the phone, you can describe what you want your dream space to look like so I can get to sketching. Through email, you can send me pictures and links to spaces you love to give me an idea of what you're looking for.

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