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New Builds

The Value of Home Renderings for New Builds

Building a new home is very exciting, but can also be very overwhelming. On the one hand, you get to design everything yourself! On the other hand, every single decision must be made by you. From the color of the faucet in the kitchen sink, to the shape of the tile in the bathroom, it's all up to you. This is where home renderings can come in handy for new builds.

What Are Home Renderings?

Home renderings are sketches of the home that you are building. These can be made on paper, but are more commonly designed in a computer software program by your designer. They can be images of the outside of the home, but can also include interior spaces and close up drawings of details.

Why Are Home Renderings Important?

Home renderings are an important step in the process, because they give you a picture of what you want your home to look like. If you ever get confused or want to change your mind about something you can easily refer back to the renderings. They are also a good tool to pass around to your building teams so they know what's expected in the final product.

How Are Home Renderings Made?

All new builds start with a designer. The designer talks with the future homeowners to get an idea of what they want the home to look like. This includes everything from the shape of the windows to the color of the rugs. Then, the designer uses the software to build the renderings and shows them to the homeowners for approval before any of the building begins.

Trust Leslie Gustafson & CO for Your Home Renderings

If you're in need of home renderings, please contact me today! I'd be happy to discuss your ideas and help paint a picture of your new home!

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